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" Perception VERSUS Fact"

button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:   Good Realtor's advertise a lot.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT:  I have been selling real estate for 40 years.  I advertise a lot when I am not busy.  Usually referrals from past customers (repeat business) and inquiries on my listings keep me going 24/7.  In fact I believe I could not handle the work load if I were to advertise more.  (Larry Matthews - Pres/Broker - Hants Realty Ltd).

button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:  Bigger Company equals Better Results

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT:  Realtors are entrepreneurial and in most cases independent contractors.  The service and relationship is very personal.  The company has little to do with that.  Early in my career I worked for a large national firm and moved to a smaller firm.  I was much more effective and successful with the smaller firm.  In the 40 years as President of Hants Realty Limited we made the mistake of franchising for 5 years...It was a disaster for our customers and our firm.  We have tried it....Bigger is definitely not better!

button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:  I am relocating to another province.  A National firm can do more.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT: All members of NSAR (Nova Scotia Association of Realtors) are members of the CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association).   Through this association all members including small companies have access to contact numbers for other companies in other communities across the nation.  Also through National Association of Realtors (NAR), we can locate Realtors in the USA.   Even as a small firm we can help you relocate across North America.  Even in the military you can choose your own Realtor.  Over the years we have often worked with Prudential, ERS and Royal LePage Relocation Services.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:  I am listed with that company because they have a nice office and are obviously successful.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT:  We have been in business for 40 years.  We have survived two recessions and many competitors have come and gone.   As the big companies folded, Central Guarantee, Atlantic Trust, Home Life Pat King......we survived.  We are now a second generation company with no debt and own our locations.  Fancy?...NO, Paid for?....YES!  Our customers can rely on us to be here year after year.  You can count on us for good service tempered with fiscal responsibility.  We have no intention of becoming fancy.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:  In this high tech age a larger company will have more to offer.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT:  All members of CREA have access to place their MLS listing on, Canada's national MLS listing site.  However, very few companies are positioned to market their listings as effectively as we do.   Our company, Hants Realty Limited in partnership with KimNat Internet and Printing, we believe, has developed the best real estate marketing plan in the local area.

Our website has just surpassed a milestone of over 3,000,000 hits for the year with as many as 60 countries around the world checking out our real estate.

We publish and distribute the Flyer Alliance to 17,500 house holds in the local area each month complete with two pages of our listings.   We have the local market and the world market covered when you list with us.


button.jpg (789 bytes)  PERCEPTION:  They listed and sold my neighbors house in a day.  They must be good.

button.jpg (789 bytes)  FACT:  We have a saying, "You do not need us if you are going to give your house away."   In an escalating market (prices going up), even the most experienced Realtor can be surprised by the price a home will bring on the market.  Our job is to help you obtain the most amount of money, in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle.  We have a different philosophy than most companies and that is what makes us different.  Call us for more details....

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