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~ Buying A Home or Property ~

Real estate is the single biggest investment most of us make.  It is important to realize you are not just buying a home but investing in your future.  In Canada there is NO TAX on any gain from the sale of your principle residence.  Over the years many of our customers have realized more tax free retirement money from the sale of their home than any RRSP.  That is why it is important to  INVEST WISELY and PROSPER while you enjoy living in your new home.

With today's fast pace, time is precious, nobody can be an expert on everything.  That is why we have professionals whose services we hire to represent our interests.  Today the big question is, "Who do we trust?"  When it comes to real estate you can trust us.   Look at the facts.  Many professionals spend a great deal of money advertising how good they are and create the perception that they are the best.  Many consumers believe this advertising and are disappointed with the results.  They could avoid the disappointment by doing some research and checking out the facts. 

We would like to make you aware of some facts about owning real estate and about our company and services we provide.

Some Facts About Why You Should Buy A Home NOW!
  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - The sooner you own a home, the sooner you are building your own tax free nest egg.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - If you are paying rent, you are in effect paying your landlord's mortgage and getting no return on your investment other than a roof over your head.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - Mortgage rates are still historically low.  The cost of borrowing money makes owning your own home easier and more affordable than at higher interest rate periods in the past.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - As the cost of construction goes up so does the cost of housing.  Many homes are still selling for less than replacement cost.  Housing prices will continue to rise as long as inventory levels are low and demand is high.

Some Facts About Why You Should Call Hants Realty Limited NOW!
  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - Hants Realty Limited has listed and sold more homes in the corridor than any other firm.  We have been in business now for 29 years.  No other firm comes close.
  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - Hants Realty Limited is the only firm to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Municipality of East Hants for 32 years of Quality Customer Service in East Hants. 

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - Larry Matthews, President/Broker for Hants Realty Limited is a certified (Canadian Nation Association of Real Estate Appraisers) and licensed (NSREAA#901078) real estate appraiser and is on the Royal Bank, Scotiabank and CIBC's list of approved appraisers. We have expert advise when it comes to value.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - As your Realtor we have access to all listings on the MLS system and can represent you in the purchase of any home listed on MLS as a buyer's agent in most cases at no cost to you.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - We are available 7 days a week to show you homes and assist in your new home search.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - We provide you with consultation and opinions. With an understanding you make the final decision.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - We provide you with detailed market research to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - We are expert negotiators.  As a buyer's agent we help you negotiate the best possible terms and price.

  • button.jpg (789 bytes)FACT - We manage all the details from writing and  presenting the offer to follow up and closing.

THE GOAL........

The Right Property,  The Right Price,   The Right Terms

We Offer.........

Exceptional Service....In line with our motto.......

  "A Tradition of Integrity and Common Sense"

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